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Membership conditions

Membership shall be open to :

  • All active locally recruited staff of a member organization, stationed in Geneva, plus all active internationally recruited staff of member organizations. Staff members from UNEP and UNICEF are eligible only if duty stationed in Geneva.

Documents to submit with the membership application

For active international civil servants

  1. the membership application form duly completed and signed;
  2. a clear photocopy of a national identity card or national passport;
  3. a clear photocopy of the carte de légitimation (if stationed in Switzerland);
  4. a copy of the contract of employment and the relevant personnel action form (issued by HRD);
  5. the request for a secured access form;
  6. a registration fee of CHF 10.

Payment of the membership fee

  • The membership application forms must be received by the Mutual Association before proceeding with the membership fee.
  • Before paying the registration fee, members are requested to verify their eligibility with the Mutual Association,
  • Staff members who wish to become a member to borrow funds can deduct the membership fee from the amount of the loan if granted,
  • The membership fee of CHF 10.- must be sent to the following account. The registration fee can be paid in cash at the Mutual Association’s teller’s office or by wire-transfer. Members who prefer to pay the fee by wire transfer or by post must pay attention to the fees charged by the bank or the post office, and verify that the amount that will be received is not less than CHF 10:
  • Beneficiary : Association Mutuelle des Fonctionnaires Internationaux
    1211 Geneva 10
    Bank : UBS Geneva
    IBAN code : CH8500240240CA1000590
    Swift : UBSWCHZH80A
    Reference and/or purpose of payment : Your name + membership fee